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Margie, John and Molly T.

Our puppy was showing signs of aggression that we didn't know how to handle, and would bark, growl and nip at us constantly in the evening to get us to play. When company came at Christmas time she was so scared and threatened by new people she lunged at them and barked and growled aggressively. I was feeling so stressed I was at the point of giving her up. 

Molly learned so much in the four sessions with Lindsay, and we learned how to train her. When we were shown methods for training her new things, we realized she is very quick to pick things up. It became fun to reinforce the things she was learning, rather than overwhelming and stressful! Molly loves learning new things, and her 'pushiness' has improved dramatically. 

Lindsay is delightful to work with. She is kind and understanding, completely relaxed around Molly, and very articulate. We were able to understand what she taught us about dog behavior and social cues, and Molly absolutely loved her. I feel so much better about our future with Molly!

Lindsay was a calm, reassuring influence when we were feeling scared and upset. She showed us how quickly Molly learns,and how much she wants to make us happy. We are so happy we found her!

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