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Because your home is not a zoo, and you're not an angry gorilla.

Courteous Canines is one of the most trusted dog behavior and training professionals in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Since 2006, we've used force-free training to help both pets and their owners live happily ever after. Not only is Courteous Canines a Business Member of the Shock-Free Coalition, we  believe you don't have to yell at, jerk, push, pull, pinch, roll or dominate dogs to get them to do what you want. We know how to make good behavior happen without using force, intimidation or pain. Contact us today to restore your peace of mind and improve your relationship with your pet.

Work With Marine Mammals
I began my animal training career 15 years ago as an Animal Care and Training Intern for the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program in San Diego, CA. While working for the Navy, I gained valuable hands-on experience with training and caring for Bottlenose Dolphins and California Sea Lions. I went on to graduate from Penn State University with a B.S. in Psychology.


Work With Service Dogs
I carried my marine mammal training knowledge to Train Rite, Inc., a non-profit service dog organization in Carlsbad, CA that rescued and trained shelter dogs to help people with disabilities maintain, or regain, independence. A Hazleton native, and far from home, I began to feel  horrible pangs of homesickness and made the decision to return east to be with my family.

Force-Free Pet Dog Trainer
When I arrived back in PA I was unable to find any pet businesses in the area that used the modern animal training methods I had used in California. Unwilling to use outdated training methods that depend on using force, pain, fear and intimidation to train animals, I started my own dog training business using scientifically-proven and evidence-based training methods (specifically, clicker training and positive-reinforcement). Convinced that  people would rather NOT have to force or punish their loyal, furry friends into behaving politely, I was determined to help dog owners learn how to get their dogs to behave politely without the use of force, fear, pain or intimidation.  


How I can Help You

My experience includes helping owners successfully resolve their dog's typical problem behaviors like house-soiling, jumping, nipping, barking, and chewing, but I have also worked with owners to resolve more serious issues like dog-dog aggression, fear issues, reactivity, resource guarding, and separation anxiety.  

Certified Human Teacher
In an effort to be a better human trainer (because training humans is the hardest part), I went back to school to earn my teaching certification from King’s College in 2012.


Animal Trainer and Lifelong Learner

I stay up to date on the most modern training techniques through regular attendance at training seminars and workshops. I have attended four ClickerExpos, taken multiple online courses, attended workshops and seminars by world-renowned trainers, and earned my Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) title through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). I am also the only Certified Dog Trainer in the Greater Hazleton Area.


Our Services

It’s never too late to train any pet! Our services are designed with you and your pet in mind, and we believe in working as much with you as with your animal.

Private In-Home Training Programs

From Sweet to Spicy, We've Got You Covered

With different levels of training programs, we're sure we can help your dog become a courteous companion.

All of our In-Home Training Programs include lifetime support from Courteous Canines, Inc. via phone or email and an exclusive offer to our private online community.

In-Home Day Training

Instead of going away to a stressful kennel, your dog can live and learn at home!

This is where I do all of the teaching for you. Day training is an excellent choice for people who want a well-behaved dog but don't have the time or ability to consistently work on doggy manners. Day Training will leave your dog both mentally and physically satisfied. We will come to your home three times each week while you're at work or otherwise occupied. You will meet with our trainer once per week to transition skills and learn the cues your dog knows.

Our Day Training Program includes lifetime support from Courteous Canines, Inc. via phone and email, and an exclusive offer to our private online community.

During our Walk & Train program, our trainer will teach your dog how to walk within your neighborhood or community on a flat collar or harness without pulling. This includes teaching your dog to walk on the left side of the handler and to avoid tangling around street signs or trees (or you).

After satisfactory completion of the Walk & Train program, you're eligible for on-going dog walking services at a discounted rate. Dogs who already know how to walk nicely on leash with a flat collar or harness can test out of the Walk & Train prerequisite.

Dog Close Up

Taylor and Jace

The service exceeded our expectations! [Our dog] was so easily distracted before due to being a puppy, I was concerned at how long it would take before the behavior finally changed. To my surprise, it happened relatively quickly. I didn’t want him to only listen to the trainer and continue the behavior when the trainer wasn’t here. However, we all worked together equally so he learned from all of us and he has been listening just as well to [us]. I liked the idea of force free training and I liked that he was trained in the comfort of our own home. I also liked the fact that it wasn’t a class and there were no other dogs, so I knew my dog was getting 100% of the focus and attention. Lindsay was awesome, very easy to learn from and always on time. We looked forward to our classes! I would recommend 100%!

Judy and Lizzy

It was easy to decide this is how I want to train Lizzy, especially in light of her unknown background. (She needed to know she is safe and loved, and this training method helps to accomplish that.) I am learning, too, how to allow Lizzy to make choices, rather than forcing her to do something she isn't ready to do. We are so pleased with how she has changed in the short time since she has come to us from the shelter. Material you provide is definitely clear, easy to understand, helpful, and provides a good reference as we continue to work on her training. [With Courteous Canines] both people and their pets will have a better understanding of each other and have a more rewarding life together. 

Joni, Kyleigh and Kaos

I had a 1 year old high strung husky with severe separation anxiety. I had gone to 2 other trainers with no luck. Our vet had her on meds to try to calm her. We really thought our girl was never going to have a normal life. I wanted my dog off the meds. Our vet gave us Lindsay's flyer so we called. Positive training was the best thing for Kyleigh. Lindsay worked very hard with us and my girl gained confidence and became a different dog. Kyleigh lived a very happy life because of her training. Lindsay also worked with my Kaos a carefree male husky. I highly recommend her.