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Caitlyn has always had a significant love for our furry friends, predominantly canines. Caitlyn's background with animals started in high school and throughout her college career where she worked part time in kennels. Caitlyn attended The Pennsylvania State University, where she pursued a B.S. in Animal Science. During her time at Penn State, she was a member of the Roar For More program which allowed qualified students to raise a service dog for a local service dog organization, Susquehanna Service Dogs. She was both a raiser and sitter for the organization. After her time at Penn State, she began her current career as a veterinary technician. She is a Level 3 Fear Free Certified Veterinary Professional and spends her time in the hospital advocating for the importance of positive reinforcement in veterinary medicine. In the summer of 2021, Caitlyn participated in an internship at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School in their Working Dog Center as a Research Behavior Science Intern. Through this program she helped with various research studies that dealt with Canine Development and Biomedical Detection through K9 Olfaction. Her primary interests are puppy and adolescent development, helping our canines (and their guardians) through their puppy teenage and toddler phases to create confident, malleable adult canines. When she is not working, Caitlyn enjoys spending time with her two very happy-go-lucky dogs, Barley (a previous service dog in training who chose the “very important pet” route) and Bentley.

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