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Just like most people that work in this field, animals have always been a significant part of Alex’s life. She graduated from Delaware Valley University in 2018 with a degree in Small Animal Science, with the intention of moving on to get school. During her senior year of college, Alex found her passion for training and behavior and decided to take some time to work in the veterinary field and gain some extra knowledge about behavior. She attended the Clinical Animal Behavior Conference in 2018 and also attained her Fear Free Certified Veterinary Professional Certification in 2020. Alex shares a passion for behavior as well as veterinary medicine and gained her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology from Johnson College in 2021 and obtained her official PA License after passing the state boards in November 2021. With her skill set, she has a particular interest in bringing training and a fear free mentality into the vets office and loves working with both dogs and cats work through their fear and anxiety. Alex works full time as a veterinary technician and finds a lot of joy seeing her training clients in her exam rooms as patients. In her spare time, Alex likes to hangout with her cat Cheddar and take hikes with her dog, Minnie. Both Cheddar and Minnie come with their own behavior quirks and Alex loves the challenges they bring to her family, as the rewarding part is working through them and strengthening their bond.

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